Hatsukoi 1/1

As I’ve mentioned before, I spent a lot of time translating visual novels. “Hatsukoi 1/1” is currently my main project, where I have invested most of my time. My goal is to translate the prologue and then the common route. Routes will come after that, presumably starting with Midori’s, since she’s the ‘main’ heroine. The route after will be picked by poll.

At the time of this writing (June), there are over roughly 11,400 lines of the game translated. The main visual novel page has exact numbers.
I am slowly be working my way toward making comprehensible subtitles for the trial, and will upload videos when available.

Ryu’s Personal Favorite: Maya! Hands down.  All of the girls go through some pretty interesting character development, but she wins my heart. I don’t even have a second placer here. None of them matched what I saw from Maya. And that is: cat ears. Official art, ftw!

Also because her life…is a bit like my own…

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Dammit Runa, I want my harem!

Runa: “I oppose your harem!”

It’s not really a harem. You only get one heroine after all.

Oh, I thought that was cabbage...

Midori: “This is lettuce.”

Wait, what lettuce? I see no lettuce anywhere in this picture.

Hau~ Omochikaeri~!

Upcoming eroge info, all ready to go.

Basic Translations

(Koichoco patch released)

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