Long Time Coming

It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve last posted anything here, so first I must apologize for that. My custom was to post whenever I made a substantial (and relevant) update, but since I’ve been having trouble deciding exactly what is proper for posting, I haven’t posted anything at all.

Next, I should fill everyone in on what I’ve been busy doing. Mostly, it’s been classwork. However, I’ve still been translating. I’ve recently updated the line counts on the Visual Novels page to reflect the progress on my submissions. A large, large portion has mainly gone to PULLTOP’s newest VN, “Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi Wo”. However, there have been increased lines all around.

But essentially, there’s no particularly exciting news for this post, other than the fact that I’m, in fact, alive.

People have been sending me a lot of emails recently, but I probably respond fastest to Twitter messages. In the end, I settled for posting my small things to Twitter (although now my Twitter is mostly full of KanColle and Fate/GO retweets). I retweet some visual novel news as well, though.

Speaking of which, for those who haven’t heard, Insem has released a patch for Dracu-Riot. More details and the link are on my Dracu-Riot page.


Obligatory Update Post: Post-June Edition

Hello everyone~

It’s been a while since I last made a post, so here’s the details on my status:

First of all, no, I haven’t made any new videos. I’m terribly sorry about that. My goal is to make at least one video per month, but I haven’t been able to find much time recently.

Second, I’d like to announce that I’m currently working with the team that’s re-translating If My Heart had Wings. Most of my time will be devoted to this project, instead of my usual works, so I may not be able to make a new translation video for a while.

Third, as some may have noticed, I’ve began using my Twitter account, and you’ll see my tweet on my blog, as well. I’ll mostly just be retweeting anime and visual novel stuff, but anyone that would like to tweet questions or comments to me should feel free to do so!

Thank you, everyone, for your patience! (Also, enjoy your Fourth of July!)

Season’s Greetings

It’s time for another obligatory update post. The days are closing in on Christmas, and I hope everyone enjoys a nice holiday!

I’m getting work done on Hatsukoi 1/1, but I also have to work on Amairo Islenauts for Sakura Subs. I like to record my work, but I’ll refrain from doing that for Amairo, for the sake of upkeeping the project’s integrity. I’ve been playing quite a few other VNs though. For example, recently, I’ve been playing Rinchu’s route from Majikoi A-4. I also just started on Cocoro@Function NEO. Perhaps I’ll make a video of one of my many translation ventures.

Hard Reset

It's self-explanatory.

It’s self-explanatory.

So, well, it’s been a while since my last post. I’m not sure if anybody actually cares, but my computer ran into some technical issues. (Picture related)

Everything’s working fine by now, so I can get back to work. That said, I haven’t been spending much time translating VNs…

I’ll see if I can change that. Though, what I do is less of a translation ‘project’ and more like translation ‘episodes’. I obviously don’t have the attention span to stick to one VN, but I always come back to it. For now, I’ll just see what I can roll out.

Read more to see my spiel on my recent anime/video game activities.


Noisy Days

Well, I suppose it’s time for an update on my status. Within the past two weeks, there has been no further work done! (Yaaaay)

Ahem, but that is because I have other things preoccupying my life. Things such as avoiding the ever-increasing amount of classwork to be done, complaining about teammates on League of Legends, and watching anime (especially the ones of the new season). I will translate more once I feel like it find a good time to.

On the anime note: I played Grisaia no Kajitsu and loved it, so I’m definitely watching the anime. The new Fate/stay night remake also looks delicious. And the third VN adaption of the season (that’s a lot in one season) is Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai. I dont know much of that particular VN, but the first episode of the anime was okay. This is prompting more research.

There doesn’t seem to be anyone translating it. Hmm…

Change of Pace

I think I’ll change my regular posting day from Monday to Friday. Friday feels like a better day to post, doesn’t it?

In any case, it’s time for an update! First of all, I’d like to announce the results of the poll! Now, I let it run for 2 weeks, but the winner became obvious within the first couple days. You people really want your Miu, huh? Very well then, I’ll be making a special Miu route video soon!

I offer swift delivery in this case, so I will upload it after I finish Hatsukoi 1/1 Part 7! Both videos are currently in production. I estimate another 3-7 days of work til the completion of both. My classes have been hindering my ability to translate, so please bear with me here. I’ve only been getting about 5 hours of sleep a night, which is sometimes (not always) due to VN translating.

Many of you are very supportive of my translations, and so I thank you all for that!  I’ll continue to do my best~

(Without overworking myself, of course. Don’t worry!)

As a side note, I’ve been working a bit on Amairo Islenauts and Cocoro@Function!. I’m not affiliated with either group translating those VNs. I’m just using them as practice (and because they look so good~).


September Already?

Why hello there, everyone! Happy Labor Day to you all.

It’s September and, as promised, I’m hauling myself back into translation work. I’m not sure how much longer until I can release another video, but I’ll see what I can do and post about it later!

Also, please know that classes have started up for me again, and I’ll be busy handling all of my studies, so translations might happen a bit slower now. I’d love nothing more than to spend all day playing VNs, but unfortunately, this thing called ‘life’ won’t allow it.

As a side note: I’ve recently been playing Cocoro@Function!. Gokurousama Translations is currently working on that VN, so I wanted to wait, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m in love with its whole ‘advanced network society’ setting.

Meanwhile, if you are so interested, you can help me decide on what else I should translate. I’d like to bring to people what they’d like to see, so here’s a poll! Please use ‘Other’ sparingly.

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