Kousetsu Translations is a translation team currently comprised of one official member, me (Ryukito). I chose the name Kousetsu because it is a graceful word, bearing the meaning of ‘snowfall’ [降雪]. Amusingly, it also happens to be a homophone for [交接].

About Ryukito

Well, my fetish is kemonomimi girls…Wait, that’s not what you’re asking?

Hello! I am the project-leading translator Ryukito. The name Ryukito [リュキト] comes from my alias, Ryuuichi Koyukishi [竜一 小雪志]. I spend most of my time playing video games, watching anime and playing visual novels. I upkeep everything on this blog.

As a personal hobby, I have been translating lines from various visual novels during my free time. These scripts were originally not meant to be released, but it seems the situation has changed. I’m now looking for assistance in translating my visual novels, in order to eventually release a patch. I will continue to post screenshots, playthroughs, scripts, etc., when I feel like it.

You can send me an email at “ryuuichi.koyukishi@yahoo.com“. Or, just go to the Contact Me page on my blog.

(Names are in Western order)


  • Kanaderu [かな-くん] – Translator, assisting me with Dracu-Riot! Currently transferred to Sakura Subs and working on translating Amairo Islenauts
  • Darkquake [ダーク-くん] – Editor, assisted me with Hatsukoi 1/1
  • Schlaefer [スリーパー] – Hacker, assisting me with Hatsukoi 1/1
  • ZhJie – Translator, working on KonoSora: Flight Diary

I’m now a part-time TL (they gave me Yune’s route) for the guys over at Sakura Subs. They are translating Amairo Islenauts, and if you have haven’t heard of them, you should check them out!

Associates (provisional)

  • Kouji Hanamura [凍司 花村] – CEO, complains about everything
  • Madoka “Mad” Shito [円 司徒] – Senior Executive, don’t call him Madoka, he hates that
  • Ken Kumakiri [拳 熊切] – Security Chief, it’s dangerous out there
  • Tateo Sakagami [建夫 坂上] – Security, but completely incompetent
  • Reira “Layla” Anakuma [レイラ 穴熊] – Public Relations Chief, she makes us look good
  • Roka Shito [蘆花 司徒] – Public Relations, Mad’s otouto with no inside voice
  • Akie Machii [昭絵 町井] – Secretary, she’s a closet loli
  • Sora Koyukishi [穹 小雪志] – Intern, Ryu’s imouto who’s only minorly cute
  • Eri Sumeragi [絵里 皇] – Intern, she transferred from another company

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    Jul 21, 2014 @ 06:16:35

    Hm, do you have a twitter?



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