Merry Christmas!

…I’m a bit late on that, though. However! I’m making this post because I’ve got a present! SNOW PRESENTS, that is!

I’ve uploaded my translation of the prologue of KonoSora SNOW PRESENTS, which can be found here!

I know it’s been a long, long time since I’ve uploaded anything, so this is where I begin to atone for that. A dozen minutes of unadulterated Kotori Habane! I thought this was fitting to post today, since it fits the season. I’ve been trying out a new style since someone asked in a comment about moving the subtitles. I hope this makes things better to read!

I don’t plan to translate more of SNOW PRESENTS in the near future, but I wanted to share this bit at least. This is just an extra video to show that I haven’t been sitting idle the past few months! I have a few more videos that will be done soon as well.

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