Hard Reset

It's self-explanatory.

It’s self-explanatory.

So, well, it’s been a while since my last post. I’m not sure if anybody actually cares, but my computer ran into some technical issues. (Picture related)

Everything’s working fine by now, so I can get back to work. That said, I haven’t been spending much time translating VNs…

I’ll see if I can change that. Though, what I do is less of a translation ‘project’ and more like translation ‘episodes’. I obviously don’t have the attention span to stick to one VN, but I always come back to it. For now, I’ll just see what I can roll out.

Read more to see my spiel on my recent anime/video game activities.

So, I’m basically just super-hyped for Civilization: Beyond Earth. It’s releasing on Friday, and nothing will stop me from getting my paws on it. I’ll spend the entire weekend enjoying the beautiful wonder that is its simulated space exploration. (Spacetravel-based games are some of my favorites. From FTL to Mass Effect.)

That aside, someone asked for my summoner name (I’m on the NA server, of course). It’s ‘Rykt’, which is really just Ryukito minus the vowels.
I’m unranked, since I’m already strapped for time, and getting involved in ranked would kill what’s left of my life. (Also, I’m admittedly not very good. Decent, but not very good.) Anyone interested can add me. Chances of me playing with you are slim, though. I’m usually online with some other friends.

Ahem, as for anime, I’ve been keeping up with those new VN adaptations. Fate/stay night is definitely looking good. Looking forward to see how things progress. (Aside: I also think the opening theme is pretty nice.)
Grisaia is pretty much exactly what I expected. All those common route scenes bring back good memories. Now the real question is what route the anime will take…
I have mixed feelings about Daitoshokan. Nothing draws too much interest from me in it, but it looks nice enough (and very wacky), so I’ll keep watching. Mainly for dat commando Nagi.
Although, that ‘What Did The Fox Say’ joke came so far out of left field. Idonteven.

I knew Tamamo would get the fox one, though. I mean, it comes with the name, really.

Oh, wait, you don't like foxgirls?

C’mon, who doesn’t love foxgirls?

Those two are Tamamo and Tamamo. My point is proven.

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  1. DarkLord
    Oct 23, 2014 @ 17:26:57

    GG, Hurray for new CIV



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