September Already?

Why hello there, everyone! Happy Labor Day to you all.

It’s September and, as promised, I’m hauling myself back into translation work. I’m not sure how much longer until I can release another video, but I’ll see what I can do and post about it later!

Also, please know that classes have started up for me again, and I’ll be busy handling all of my studies, so translations might happen a bit slower now. I’d love nothing more than to spend all day playing VNs, but unfortunately, this thing called ‘life’ won’t allow it.

As a side note: I’ve recently been playing Cocoro@Function!. Gokurousama Translations is currently working on that VN, so I wanted to wait, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m in love with its whole ‘advanced network society’ setting.

Meanwhile, if you are so interested, you can help me decide on what else I should translate. I’d like to bring to people what they’d like to see, so here’s a poll! Please use ‘Other’ sparingly.

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